The chill night air was just cold enough to ensure that my nipples would stay nice and hard, leaving them very much on display. The dress left so much of me visible, it felt a little like you were parading me around naked for everyone to ogle. It barely covered my ass, and my propped up tits were all but spilling over the low neckline…

The car ride over was relatively uneventful. You were clearly – and rightly – counting on the effect of sheer anticipation, leaving me to imagine what it would feel like to be in bar full of people dressed like a slutty hooker.

When we got there and walked in, I quickly assessed the small crowd. There were enough people there to make blending in possible, but I couldn’t help but notice that pretty much everyone closest to us had some reaction to my attire.

A woman sitting next to her friend stifled a laugh, then pointed me out and the two started whispering and giggling. Next to them, a man tried not to look at me, while his wife made no effort to hide her disgust and judgement for seeing my profile on the best escortsite in Malaysia.

“It’s warm in here, don’t you think?” you asked me.

I nodded with a small shrug.

“Pretty warm.”

“You probably don’t need the cardigan inside,” you replied, eliciting a small whimper from me as you slid the fabric off my shoulders.

Standing next to you, without the thin layer of coverage provided by my sweater, I was keenly aware of how short my dress was… how visible my nipples were… and how every person around us would be treated to a vivid picture of how I looked naked.

As you led me toward the bar, I now had a very clear idea of how it felt to be in a bar full of people dressed like a slutty hooker… It was absolutely mortifying. And I’d never been so turned on in all my life.

We found two bar stools, and as I sat at your side, I quickly crossed my legs. It was the only way to avoid flashing everyone in our immediate vicinity.

The bartender came over, and when she noticed my nipples she blatantly stared. Smirking, she looked up at me.

“Nice dress,” she said.

I bit my lip, blushing, and you gave me a slight nudge.

“She gave you a compliment,” you prompted.

“Thank you,” I offered, feeling more exposed than ever.

I vaguely heard you ordering a whiskey for yourself and wine for me, but I was distracted by all the other people sitting around the bar. I tried to not pay attention, but I had to make sure I wasn’t imagining things. It seemed like everyone was looking at me…

“Sit up straight,” I heard you say, and I did as I was told. “Shoulders back,” you teased, and I obeyed, pushing my ample tits out even further.

You tucked my hair behind my ears, murmuring low.

“That’s a good girl… How does it feel, all these people staring and leering at you?”

“Um… It feels… embarrassing, and… um…” I was ashamed to admit the second part.

“And what else?” you prompted.

“…And, um… I’m also… really, really turned on…” I confessed, flushing as I spoke.

“Mmm… mhmm. That makes sense. A wanton, lustful girl like you. I bet you’re dripping wet, aren’t you?” you taunted me, knowing very well that it was true.

“Yes… yes, boss,” I admitted. Glancing around, I got the irrational feeling that all of the people ogling me could suddenly tell just how wet and horny I was.

“There’s a pool table,” you pointed out, as if reading my mind. “Maybe I should make you play pool with me, so you’ll have to bend over and show everyone that soaked pussy of yours, too. Would you like that?”

“I, um… if it would please you, boss.”

You rubbed your thumb along my bottom lip.

“I love it when you’re nothing but eager to please,” you praised. Leaning forward, you kissed me lightly, grazing my cleavage with your fingertips and peppering my exposed skin with goosebumps.

The bartender delivered our drinks, and for two rounds we talked of other things. While we talked, you casually caressed my bare legs, sometimes slipping dangerously close to the super short hem of my dress. I squirmed in my seat, fighting the urge to spread my legs for you right then and there…

After two glasses of wine, I needed to go to the ladies room. It wasn’t that far away, but I would have to walk past several tables and clusters of people to get there. I took the risk of asking you if I might be allowed to put my cardigan back on for the occasion.

You chuckled, shaking your head.

“What do you think?”

“Um… No?”

“Correct. And why not?”

“Because… I need to be reminded what happens… to naughty, dirty girls, like me. I need to learn my lesson.”

“That’s right. Now let me see you show off that slutty little body of yours for everyone in here,” you chided.

“Y-yes, boss…”

In the bathroom, the only humiliation was when two drunk girls stepped up next to me at the sinks. I was moving slowly, not wanting any part of my body to escape from my dress.

“Wow,” one of them said, gaping at me. “Slut much?”

She and her friend burst out laughing. I tried to ignore them, but as they made their way to the door, the other girl chimed in.

“We should get a picture of her! Mike and Chris will never believe we saw a real-live hooker!”

They laughed again while she pulled out her phone and the other one called back to me.

“Smile, you’re on candid slut camera!”

There was nowhere to hide, and they were blocking the door. I’d started with my back to them and had to turn to dry my hands, so they probably got pictures of me at every angle. As they disappeared, laughing and calling me names, I realized they could do whatever they wanted with them. Send them to their boyfriends, put them on the internet…

After enduring more leers and taunts on my way back to you, I told you what happened.

You sighed and shrugged.

“If they were naked pictures of you, I wouldn’t allow it,” you promised. “But since you’re just mostly naked… I guess that’s what you deserve, isn’t it?”

I swallowed and nodded.

“Yes, boss.”

“Our tab is paid, and I’ve been sitting here wondering…” you mused, “should I make you flash someone? Or maybe hike up your skirt while we’re on our way out?”

I squeezed my legs together and wriggled on my stool, awaiting your verdict.

“But I decided I want the rest of you all for myself,” you declared, and I felt a subtle wave of relief. I would’ve done it for you, of course… But full-on public exposure was unchartered territory, and I wasn’t absolutely certain how I felt about it. I was happy to wait and find out another day.

All the same, you still led me out of the bar nice and slowly, with no cardigan to hide behind, giving the small crowd their last looks at my barely covered body.

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